The KLEUR project is an exciting joint undertaking from Centre Céramique/Cultural heritage, Kumulus and the Natural History Museum of Maastricht as well as other partners in the region.

Colour is part of us all. It is everywhere and is always present. Colour stirs up emotions and is deeply intertwined with the words we speak, the utensils we use, with the food we eat and the industry that surrounds us. Colour is in our DNA, colour colours our lives.

KLEUR is not just about colour as you know it, we want to expand our understanding of colour and share this experience with you. In the coming months discover more about colour and the KLEUR exhibition here on this page, and also on Facebook @KLEURmaastricht (NL) and Instagram @KLEURmaastricht (ENG).

All activities are in Dutch, however non-Dutch speakers are welcome to join in.

Activities and exhibitions

Participation in the following activities must be confirmed in advance by contacting our customer services team at or on +31 (0)43 350 5600

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A visit to the museum is boring you say? You know what's really boring? A world without colour! We're lucky that our planet is full of colour and we can see loads of colours every day – although, we think we can! There are some animals that can see many more colours than we can, and some that can only see a few colours. Do you want to know what flowers look like to a bee? Or what a zebra looks like to a lion? Do you want to know how you can stand out from the crowd, how to scare others, or how to camouflage yourself? If you're keen to unravel the mysteries of colour, then you're ready to take the COLOUR inspector test!

Pick up your COLOUR inspector activity sheet at the reception desk. Once you have completed the tasks you will be awarded with your very own KLEURdiploma

If you can't wait to get to the museum, download this test to do at home to see if you are ready to become a COLOUR inspector

Cost: €1.50

Ages: 9+

Play your favourite colour song

Saturday 13 October 11:00-13:00

Add colour to your performance in your living room for your parents or friends – Ed Sheeran style. No problems once you’ve done this workshop! Whether you sing or play an instrument, during this workshop led by Kumulus guitar instructor Remco Roncken. When signing up for this workshop, let us know which are your favourite songs (with colour in the title or the text) and which instrument you play (unfortunately no drums at this workshop).

Age: from 10 years
Admission: €9.50
Location: Kumulus Sint Maartenspoort 2

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The Romans, Merovingans, Regout and more…

02 June - 18 November / Expo


Discover the depth and richness of our in-house collections. From “Boerenbont” to “Kristalunieken” and from Meroveringan glass beads to miniatures from the Middle Ages. This is just a small sample of what will be exhibited in Centre Céramique throughout the duration of the KLEUR exhibition. Colour sees our collections connect in a new and surprising way, allowing us to see the objects from a different perspective. The KLEUR exhibition runs from 2 June in Centre Céramique.

Location: Sphinxvitrine – mezzanine level @ Centre Céramique

AfroJazz for beginners 16+

Sunday 28 October 10:30-12:00

AfroJazz is a mixture of African and Jazz dance styles. It is funky, energetic and colourful. Come and lose yourself in this fascinating blend of moves and beats. No experience necessary, beginners and intermediate dancers are most welcome. Just try it!

Admission: €9.50
Location: Kumulus Herbenusstraat 89
Clothing: leggings or tracksuit trousers,
bare feet / socks

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The colourful songs of Broadway

Saturday 6 October 11:00-13:00

Colour and Music make a fabulous team. There are thousands of songs with colour in the title or the text. In this workshop led by Kumulus singing instructor Christianne Neven you will sing the most beautifully “coloured” musical numbers in groups while also focussing on your own vocal technique.

Age: from 16 years
Admission: €9.50
Location: Kumulus Sint Maartenspoort 2

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Drawing with Peter Brouwers

Saturday 27 October 14:00-15:30


Peter Brouwers, author and illustrator of Bertje Big and Oscar Olifant, is back in our museum to lead this drawing workshop. This time the subject is colour.
In our KLEUR exhibition you can learn everything you need to know about colour. After you’ve seen the exhibition, come and join Peter Brouwers and create your own colourful work of art. We will supply paper and drawing equipment, however you are also welcome to bring your own.

Age: children and adults
Admission: museum entry ticket price + child €9.00, adult €11.00 surcharge
Registration: please go to to reserve your place
Location: Natural History Museum of Maastricht

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Our partners

Coleur locale Make your own paint from natural pigment workshop

Friday 5 October 10:00-17:30

Would you like to make your very own paint from natural pigment and create your own unique colours? Under the guidance of visual artist Dorieke Schreurs you will discover how to use local raw materials and products to make your own pigment from scratch. Then you are shown how to turn your own pigment into paint, and you will have the chance to use your own hand made materials to create your masterpiece.

Age: 18+
Admission: €9.50 – DISCOUNTED PRICE! This workshop is given as part of the KLEUR project.
Location: Kumulus Herbenusstraat 89

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