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ArcheoHotspot Maastricht

How does an archaeologist work?

Discover the secrets of archaeology in Maastricht's ArcheoHotspot, located on the first floor of the Maastricht Museum, near the Museum Shop and a beautiful model showing Maastricht in the year 1748. ArcheoHotspots are inspiring places in museums, libraries, archives and cultural centres, where everyone has the chance to learn about the fascinating world of archaeology. Best of all? Entry is free and open to all!

Children become young archaeologists

Children can playfully learn about archaeology by gluing old jars back together, doing puzzles and helping to sieve. We take a bucket of soil from Mount Canner and empty it over a sieve to discover what it contains. Last time, we even found the remains of a Roman campfire!

For adults who like to roll up their sleeves

Adults can also participate or, even better, help unravel the Maastricht archaeology collection using changing locations. We open each bag and examine the contents together, then add it to our database. Together, we unlock Maastricht's rich history.

Between Treasure and Shard

As an added bonus, you can drop by with your own archaeological finds, Maastricht ceramics or Japanese prints (or other objects tangential to our collections) for determination. We are ready to give you more information about your discoveries.


Curious about the world of archaeology? Come on Wednesday to the Maastricht ArcheoHotspot at the Maastricht Museum!


Maastricht Museum

Wed 15 May 13:30 - 16:00

Avenue Céramique 50, Maastricht