Werkcentrum Zuid-Limburg

Werkcentrum Zuid-Limburg is available for anyone in South Limburg looking for help when it comes to vocational and study programmes, education, careers, mobility and work. In the experience room, you can find out what your options are in the job market. Staff is also available to provide you with all the information you need to get you started.


Avenue Céramique 50
City hall


+31 (0)85 060 32 13

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Support for everyone

The employment market is constantly changing. Jobs disappear or change, and new jobs are created. It is no longer a given that people will work for the same employer or in the same job for an extended period of time. Werkcentrum Zuid-Limburg was created specifically for people with questions about work, mobility, training or a career, and provides free support and information. It doesn’t matter where you come from; the focus is on where you want to go. Together you will plot out and fill in an itinerary.


Werkcentrum Zuid-Limburg is an alliance between partners in the South Limburg employment market who have joined forces to provide the best support, motivation and inspiration.

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