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Are you looking for a venue for a major activity or event? If so, be sure to enquire about the options for hosting it at our premises!

Centre Céramique offers a unique location on Avenue Céramique, in the heart of the city, where creativity, culture and community come together. We have all the facilities you need for your event, and our central location makes us easily accessible for your guests. Located in the Herbenusstraat, the Kumulus location offers several spaces with many options, such as a 125-seat theatre hall.

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Experienced cultural platform

As the most accessible, open and frequently visited cultural stage in Maastricht, Centre Céramique has a passion for sharing knowledge and promoting cultural exchange. Each year, we organise many events and activities, together with our tenants and other parties. No shortage of experience here!

Variety of rooms and facilities

Centre Céramique and Kumulus hold great appeal and offer a variety of different spaces, both large and small. We also offer all the modern facilities and furniture you could wish for.

Our staff is very hospitable and knows what’s what. They would be happy to help you select the ideal space for your event. Please do note however that we can’t guarantee there will be space available for your activity. Our available space is limited, and there is already a predetermined annual programme in place.

Get in touch!

Interested in renting a space or want to know more about the options? If so, please fill in the form below. We do require the activity to be related to one or more of the following themes:

  • Stories about Maastricht’s history 
  • Contribution to cultural participation
  • Language and culture in Maastricht (promoting reading)
  • Education and research

We aim to respond within six weeks of receiving your request.

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