Renting space

Sharing knowledge and promoting cultural exchange is our passion. We are happy to make the facilities of Centre Céramique in the heart of Maastricht available for meetings, gatherings, music and art education, and so much more. The theatre hall, foyer and other rooms in the Kumulus building on Herbenusstraat are also available for rent. We can offer a suitable space for every occasion!

Customised quote

Our rates depend on the desired space, rental period, necessary amenities and other specific requirements. Quotes are always customised to clients’ needs. For further information, please send an email to verhuurservice@maastricht.nl with as many details about your needs as possible. We aim to respond within two weeks of receiving the request.


Renting rehearsal space

Are you taking music lessons, or do you have a musical performance that you are unable to rehearse for at home? If you are a member of the Centre Céramique Maastricht City Library, you can use your music card to rent a study room to rehearse.

More about the Music Card