With 500,000 visitors a year, Centre Céramique is the city’s most visited, accommodating and accessible cultural venue. An inspiring and lively place for everyone: Maastricht residents, visitors or tourists. A place where you can discover, meet, learn, develop, share knowledge, get challenged, work, enjoy and relax.

Brands, organisations and locations

Centre Céramique is an organisational unit of the Municipality of Maastricht. The Maastricht City Library (with two library service points in Heer and Malpertuis, 11 school libraries and a home delivery service), Cultuurmakers Maastricht, Kaleidoscoop, Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht and the Maastricht Museum all fall under this organisational unit. All of this may be found in three locations:

Centre Céramique - Avenue Céramique, Maastricht

This iconic building is the place where we welcome visitors of all ages, tell hidden stories to Maastricht Museum visitors, where talented musicians can develop and rehearse, and work with our tenants to guide people toward culture, digital skills and employment.

Kumulus - Herbenusstraat, Maastricht

The Kumulus building on Herbenusstraat offers space for dance, visual arts and theatre. There are several meeting rooms, a true theatre with 125 seats, and an attractive lobby.

Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht - De Bosquetplein, Maastricht

The Maastricht Natural History Museum is housed in a listed building boasting a beautiful museum garden and featuring a modern glass cube in the courtyard that is home to mosasaurus Bèr.


Maastricht knows and senses the pleasure culture can bring.

Centre Céramique encourages cultural encounters, creates connections in and with the city, and continues to look for ways to innovate in its offerings and experiences, and through collaboration. The true cultural adventure beckons in the connection, co-creation and assignment of meaning between the city and its residents.

We inspire visitors in our own ‘home’ or in the capillaries of the city to create and experience culture for themselves, and to participate in society and cultural life. We make a substantial contribution to cultural development during every stage Maastricht residents’ lives.

Everyone should have access to knowledge and culture as a source of inspiration, reflection and enjoyment.

Culture enriches, connects and amazes. We all have culture inside us, and it belongs to all of us. This is why it’s important for everyone to be able to create and experience culture. We facilitate and encourage, both actively and passively. We put the culture and heritage of this city to work to boost Maastricht’s liveliness, activity and self-awareness, and that of all the people who visit our premises.

After years of budget cuts, the Municipality of Maastricht is making it possible for Centre Céramique to change course, including the addition of a Maastricht Museum. This course change is designed to lead to a better performance of duties and financing mix, the ultimate goal of which is to allow even more Maastricht residents and visitors to experience culture.

Four main objectives
Centre Céramique’s long-term plan focuses on four main objectives:

  •  Promoting reading skills and combating low literacy
  •  Promoting civic and cultural participation
  •  Telling the hidden stories of Maastricht
  •  Communicating the story of the Cretaceous period and biodiversity

Download the long-term plan

This is the second annual report of Centre Céramique. In 2023, we will take the next steps in the roll-out and concretisation of the 2022-2026 long-term strategy. Last year, 2023, was full of changes. Our organization, Centre Céramique, entered a new phase. We're becoming more and more important as a link in the city. Making sure our guests feel safe and welcome at our places is really important.

Download the annual report

This is the first annual report for the new Centre Céramique. In 2022, we took the initial steps to roll out the 2022-2026 long-term strategy and make it concrete. We are plotting out a new course based on new cultural entrepreneurship. Our long-term plan and this 2022 annual report make our ambitions and the road to achieving them transparent both internally and externally.

Download the annual report

Organogram 23 december.png

  • Wim Hupperetz - director
  • Chantal Verhagen - public service team manager
  • Eric Dieteren - library team manager
  • Martine Oostveen - cultural education and participation team manager   
  • Martin Hendriks - museums, programming and innovation team manager  
  • Rachael Konings - business services and staff team manager
  • Alex Lugger - secretary
  • Francien Otermans - management assistant
  • Marc Quaaden - functional manager
  • Bulent Cuvalci - head of finance
  • Sonja Ouwens - planning and control assistant
  • Yvonne Ummels - planning and control assistant
  • Hans van Gellekom - HR consultant
  • Annemie Hermans - volunteers, interns and freelancers associate
Presentations, projects and programme management
  • Eric Uijterwaal - head of presentations and projects
  • Valesca Gerritsen - head of programming
Marketing and communications
  • Maartje Janssen - head of marketing and communications
  • Zelinda Meli - marketing and communications consultant 
  • Frédérique Stille - marketing and communications consultant 
  • Vincent Ronden - webmaster
  • Charlotte Kemner - junior marketing associate 
  • Tonny Olthof - administrative assistant marketing and communications 
  • Fransie Roggeveen - administrative assistant marketing and communications 
Development, relationships and patronage
  • Els Roobroeck - head of development
  • Maurice Dear - facility coordinator
  • Mario Jaken - housing coordinator
  • André Feijt - engineering associate
  • Patrick Dreuning - technical facility associate 
  • Stijn Hendrickx - housing associate
  • Peter Vanhex - housing associate
  • Roy Vertommen - housing associate
  • Sander Wijnen - housing associate
  • Arno Marijnen - assistant steward
Public service
  • Inez Stheins - senior museum store and public service associate
  • Karin de Vries - senior public service library associate
  • Eggy Biesmans - public service associate
  • Joanita Bosma - public service associate
  • Alicja Corvers - public service associate
  • Julie Daems - public service associate
  • Margot Davis - public service associate
  • Sandy Dobbelsteyn - public service associate
  • Emma Dols - public service associate
  • Marion - public service associate
  • Helma Heuts - public service associate
  • Koosje - public service associate
  • Erik - public service associate
  • Tonny Paulissen - public service associate
  • Egbert von Unen - public service associate
  • Huub Willems - public service associate
  • Daan Grol - public service associate
  • Tanya Reinards - senior associate rentals
Library Collection Service
  • Marc Rodenburg - senior information specialist
  • Henry Frantzen - senior catalogue management associate
  • Robert Hecker - logistics associate
  • Martin Kerckhoffs - logistics associate
  • Tous Piette - logistics associate
  • Hortense Wetsels - logistics associate
  • Miranda Deckers - logistics associate
  • Brigit Kennes - support logistics associate
  • Simonne Scheijvens - support logistics associate
  • Marlies Yedema - support logistics associate
  • Marion Sauer - logistics administrative assistant
  • Brigitte Hackeng - information specialist
Library Network
  • Nathalie Tillie - senior basic skills consultant
  • Marion Cuijpers - information specialist
  • Bart Linssen - information specialist
  • Eric Voncken - information specialist
  • Anneleen Vlayen - reading consultant
  • Emma Simons - reading consultant
  • Miranda Vriezelaar - library network associate
  • Jetze Jansma - district culture coach
  • Rianne van Beek - library network associate
Cultural education (kaleidoscoop)
  • Eveline Nelissen - senior associate cultural education
  • Nikki Gulikers - cultural education associate
  • Fabienne de Heer - cultural education associate
  • Danee Klever - cultural education associate
  • Judith Pol - cultural education associate
  • Miet Theysmans - cultural education associate 
  • Linda Eversteijn - cultural education associate
  • Irene Beckers - administrative assistant cultural education
Cultural participation (Cultuurmakers Maastricht)
  • Susanne Brekelmans - program director
  • Celesta Stienen - cultural participation professional
  • Nicolle Cox - district culture coach
  • Hellen Hurkens - amateur art culture coach
  • Remko von Berg - well-being culture coach
  • Hendrik Simons - youth culture coach
  • Badar Halim - youth culture coach 
  • Maud Simons - youth culture coach 
  • Kim Noach - culture coach for the elderly
  • Astrid Smeets - head curator 
  • Paul Beuk - biology curator
  • John Jagt - palaeontology curator
  • Sjoerd Aarts - senior associate collection management
  • Joes Minis - curator of special collections and Limburgensia
  • Marianne Lubrecht - cultural heritage support
  • Jos Lardinoye - cultural heritage support associate
  • Helene Klein - education associate
  • José Peeters - cultural heritage associate (archaeological depot manager)
Programming and Innovation
  • Inge Davis - project manager
  • Jacobien Peeters - project manager exhibitions
  • Marthe Donders - project manager exhibitions
  • Chris Prevoo - programming associate
  • Kelly van der Velden - programming associate
  • Mirjam Mordang - programming associate
  • Rick van der Linden - senior associate arts education programme
Centre Céramique - Library and Museum Support Foundation
  • Elke Pluijmen - chairman
  • Harry Salden - treasurer
  • Cees van ’t Veen - secretary
  • Agnes Vugts - member
  • Stefan Vrancken - member

Does the idea of working with culture every day appeal to you? Come work at Centre Céramique! We offer the most diverse positions. Would you prefer something hands-on, or are you more of a background person? Customer service, for example, or at one of our museums? A job at the Library or a more overarching function?

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Our brands

Maastricht City Library

Not only does the Maastricht City Library offer plenty of books, it’s also a great meeting place. You can participate in activities or find a quiet spot to study or use the computer.

Maastricht Museum

This is where the city’s hidden stories are told. From prehistory up to and including Maastricht industrial city.

Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht

At Maastricht’s Natural History Museum, you can learn all about nature, both now and in the past, and even stand eye-to-eye with the famous mosasaurus, Bèr.

Cultuurmakers Maastricht

Gets as many people as possible in Maastricht excited about participating in art and cultural activities.

Our cultural education programme


Ensures that children and adolescents are exposed to art and culture in a positive and active way come into contact with art and culture.

Municipality of Maastricht

Centre Céramique is an organisational unit of the Municipality of Maastricht. Maastricht is a social and united city where all residents feel at home. A city that, based on its rich history, is developing and profiling itself more and more as an international university city in a strong knowledge region. Maastricht has allure, and is big enough for interesting challenges yet small enough that everyone knows each other. In Maastricht, 1,700 people work for the mayor and aldermen and the city council. Together with external partners, businesses and around 121,000 residents, they work on creating a beautiful city and region.

Maastricht makes culture

Maastricht aims to offer every resident the opportunity to experience culture. This involves possibilities to create as a professional or as an amateur, and to experience these creations. To achieve this goal, they invite the professional artists present in abundance in Maastricht to focus on the city, actively involve residents, and give them space to shape and present their own stories. The cultural heritage that abounds serves as an inspiration. Together with professionals and the wide variety of amateur associations, the Municipality of Maastricht is looking for new ways to get those people involved who have not yet participated.