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MAAK! De nieuwe totebag van de koning 4+

Workshop as part of 'Fashionclash', which is dedicated to fashion and sustainability. During Museum Night, a start was made on the creation of a new spatial textile object to be displayed at Centre Céramique.

At the market, we all bought old t-shirts and paint stuff. We will use these to turn them into something new: a royal bag with a special pattern!

MAAK! is a monthly children's activity with a diverse and creative programme provided by art teachers Nicole Mulkens and Marlies de Jong. There will be the same teachers but there will always be a different subject and of course a book and/or the Maastricht Museum in the leading role.

MAAK! focuses its activities on children aged 6. If you are older or younger, you can of course still join. If you are younger (4 or 5 years old), your (grand)parent/supervisor will help you with the activity. In any case, one adult supervisor per family is welcome.

The workshop is in the youth studio, from 10:50h the door opens.
Subscription is required and can be done via publieksservice@maastricht.nl or call 043-350 5600.


Sun 28 Apr 11:00 - 12:15

Avenue Céramique 50, Maastricht