Cultuurmakers Maastricht

Cultuurmakers Maastricht (Culturemakers) aims to gets as many people as possible involved in art and cultural activities in Maastricht. They stimulate the development of initiatives and self-created productions to make sure that everyone can get involved in culture and participate.


Avenue Céramique 50

+316 27 13 67 40

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Engagement and connection

Cultuurmakers Maastricht focuses on local Maastricht residents, from young people they support in their own environments to the vulnerable elderly who deserve extra attention. They also give people with disabilities or bicultural backgrounds as well as those living in solitude or poverty the opportunity to participate. Local amateur artists also rely on Cultuurmakers Maastricht. They help them connect with partners and other cultural institutions that can assist them with finding venues, materials, financial resources or contacts.

Culture coaches

Cultuurmakers Maastricht does all this thanks to culture coaches, each of whom has their own area of focus: adolescents, the elderly, neighbourhoods and amateur arts. And they do it all with the support of the Cultural Participation Fund and the Municipality of Maastricht.