Kaleidoscoop wants to ensure that children and adolescents are exposed to art and culture in a positive and active way. They do this through school and after-school programmes in the local neighbourhoods as well as on location such as at a theatre or museum. Schools have access to Kaleidoscoop’s programme.


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The power of cultural education

Cultural education brings children, adolescents and their parents in contact with art and culture, even those people who aren’t likely to take the initiative on their own. Kaleidoscoop is a cultural education expertise centre and acts as an advisor, intermediary and organiser for art, culture, heritage and media arts.

Show your talent

Kaleidoscoop is also a ‘secretary’ of the Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit (CmK; quality cultural education) programme. The CmK programme for schools in Maastricht and the Heuvelland area is called Toon je Talent (show your talent). Art teachers with pupils in the lower, middle and upper levels of education collaborate with class teachers to ensure a continuous line of education: introduction (lower levels), discovery (middle levels) and development (upper levels). The goal is to give children the opportunity to discover what they’re good at, what they like, what their ‘thing’ is, and where their talents lie.