Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht

The Natural History Museum is located in the heart of the Maastricht city centre. At the museum, you can learn all about the nature that surrounds you, both now and in the past. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful natural history collections, the botanical garden, the famous mosasaurus Bèr, and amazed by the temporary exhibits. There’s always something to see!


De Bosquetplein 7

(043) 350 54 90

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Over 550.000 objects

The Maastricht Natural History Museum manages more than half a million objects which are divided into different collections: Botany, Geology/Paleontology, Entomology and the Cretaceous period. You will take a journey through time, passing tropical swamps from 320 million years ago and the shallow, subtropical Cretaceous sea with its mosasaurs that inundated southern Limburg between 70 and 66 million years ago. You can also learn all about the impact humans have had on the landscape, plants and animals over the past 250,000 years.